The Bharatiya Temple - Troy, MI
The Bharatiya Temple - Troy, MI

Arrange Awareness Sessions and Seminars

This sub-committee arranges seminars and workshops sessions at the Bharatiya Temple to raise community awareness about various social, cultural, financial and family issues. The objective is to provide information for community well being and make a serious attempt to bridge the inter-generation gap between children & parents who being raised in different cultural backgrounds. This will foster a sense of confidence, improve self esteem and improve communication within the Indian families and the community at large.

Seminars Presented by Seva

  • PATH - Workshop (6 weeks, 2 hours every week) on Self management of Pain and Chronic Disease presented by Meera Vijan and Nancy Bhatt

  • Wills,Trust,and Estate Planning presented by Attorney Mark Landau

  • Nutrition in the Life Cycle presented by Lalitha Ramamoorthy

  • Team Members: Smiti Gupta