The Bharatiya Temple - Troy, MI
The Bharatiya Temple - Troy, MI

Support families in difficult situations (Internal Family Issues including Domestic Violence)

SEVA committee members with appropriate qualifications and training provide non-advisory and objective support to families who are going through challenging and emotionally draining situations due to family internal communication and/or behavioral issues (including domestic abuse).
  • All calls and person to person conversations are kept confidential.
  • Help is provided by referrals to local professional agencies dealing with specific issues (5-cases handled so far).

The SEVA committee provides a non-judgmental, safe and supportive ear to the person with an issue and the case is referred to the appropriate outside agency. Neither SEVA Committee nor its volunteers are engaged in providing any professional counseling and/or advice to people reaching out to the SEVA committee for help. SEVA only acts in the capacity of referring people needing help to appropriate outside agencies. We plan to expand the scope of this service in future.

Team Members: Madan Kaura & Bindu Suresh