The Bharatiya Temple - Troy, MI
The Bharatiya Temple - Troy, MI

Referral service for Basic Health Care for Unemployed/Uninsured

  • Handled over 200 cases since April,09
  • At present, SEVA Committee has a network pool of (40) medical professionals to offer services on volunteer basis, (2) medical labs and (1) free clinic.
    The model is as follows:
    • Medical professionals with independently owned clinics have offered to see two (2) patients per month.
    • Participating medical labs provide the test services at cost to cost
    • Patient screening criteria has been developed by SEVA
    • Patient has to sign a waiver form to ward off any liability issues

    Please contact SEVA Hotline # for Health care Services; 248-906-8283

    Kindly contact your Physician friends to participate in the noble cause.

    Team Members: Lalit & Rachna Sethi