Priestly Services

Online Priestly Service is under testing. You can use the online system however you need to get confirmation from Priestly Services Committee at (248) 878-7072 until the system is fully tested.

  • Priestley services will be limited during Temple major events like Brahmotsavam, Sri Ramanavami, Pranaprathista. Please check well in advance with Priestley Services Committee for availability or check the Temple Calendar

  • Temple reserves the right to cancel or reschedule or make alternative arrangement with available priests for the booked service due to unavoidable circumstances (Priest not available due to health reasons, family emergency etc)

    • In such events cancellation fee will not be charged

  • Devotees are encouraged to contact Temple Priests directly to schedule muhurtham, however the reservation is confirmed only by online booking service or Priestly services committee is valid

  • Priestly service is confirmed only if the donation is paid at the time of booking service.

  • A 20% cancellation fee will be charged for service cancelled by devotee in less than week from the actual service date booked


You can also email us at

If you need to contact our temple priests for muhoorth, you can contact using the information below:

Temple Priests


Phone: (248) 770-9565


Shri Janaki Ram Sastry Vithala


Phone: (248) 878-0450


Pundit Shri Kaushik Kumar Indravadan Joshi


Phone: (248)720-8115

Email  :

Shri Chandrashekar Sharmaji


Phone: (248)635-1199


Shri Satagopan Chariyar

Services at Temple or Facetime

Services at Detroit Metro

6850 N Adams Rd, Troy MI 48098

Temple Visitor Hours:


Sat & Sun 
1 PM to 5 PM    - Visitor Registration Required

Office Hours: Closed

Contact details

Temple Office    : (248)879-2552


Priestly Service : (248) 878-7072

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