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Jan 17, 2019 A: Using std::cout will show all the data in the line you call it. Using std::cout #include #include "date.h" int main() { std::ofstream fout("/home/USER/Desktop/log.txt"); std::string date = DateFormat::getTodayDate(); fout #include #include #include #include "date.h" int foo(std::string a, int b, std::string c) { return a + b + c; } If you want to learn more about the ostream: Accessing Jenkins in docker container I have a simple docker container, that should connect to a remote machine and perform actions. I'd like to access Jenkins on this machine, so I can debug my code. I was reading a lot of things here on SO, but every time I start the container I get the standard permission denied message. Here is my Dockerfile: FROM openjdk:8 COPY. /home/me/workspace/web-server EXPOSE 8180 ENTRYPOINT ["java", "-jar", "/home/me/workspace/web-server/target/web-server-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar"] Here is the link to the image: It builds successfully and I can access the website from my browser, so everything is fine.