Temple Pooja Schedule

Poojas Performed at Temple

  • All Abhishekams will be performed to Utshav Murthy unless specified as Moola Vigraha/Linga.

  • Suggested minimum donation for Archana is $15, Car Puja is $25, General Abishekam $25

  • Suggested Donation for Sri Venkateshwara Moola Vigraha Abhishem is $51 (Saturdays only)

  • Suggested Donation for Car Puja is $25 (30 min before Temple closing time is needed)

  • Suggested Donation for Sathya Narayana Puja is $25

  • * "Charge per request" is the puja performed upon Sponsor's request at other than the scheduled time of the service. These services require at least two days prior booking.

  • ** Archana Requests are performed upon priest availability and other puja schedule.

  • *** Pooja performed in the temple only upon request, when there are sponsors.

  • Part of the revenue generated from Priestly Services will be given to the priests by the Temple. Any additional Dakshina to the priests is at the discretion of the devotee/host.

  • One Year & Lifetime Sponsored Poojas are performed only at scheduled times.

  • For information regarding the registration of the One Year & Lifetime Subscriptions, Please contact Temple Office at 248-879-2552.

  • All "At Home" and "Out of State" poojas should be booked through the Priestly Services Scheduling Committee's number 248-878-7072.


    Note: Any Pooja Services & Donation Amounts can be changed at The Bharatiya Temple Discretion without notice.

Abhishekams / Pujas 

Other Donation Options