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Our Mission

Culture is a true reflection of a community or a nation.  Through culture, people & groups often define themselves and they are brought together through their common beliefs, values, arts & traditions.  Common culture provides a sense of belonging in the community and motivates people to continue with their customs & practices and also contribute towards the growth and betterment of our society.

One of the missions of our Temple is to preserve, enhance and disseminate our Hindu Culture and India's rich cultural heritage.  In accordance with this mission of our temple, the Cultural Committee has been organizing various cultural activities at our temple over the years relating to Indian music, dance, arts etc. and has been greatly involved in the propagation of our rich Indian culture.

Our services

Our temple's monthly Aradhana program has been one of the most popular & well-received events organized by the Cultural Committee.  This event showcases local artistic talents and also presents well-established & professional artists from U.S. & India.  The cultural committee also organizes special cultural programs during major festivals like Shivaratri, Ramanavami, Brahmotsavam, Navaratri etc.  

Even though we were unable to conduct in-person music & dance programs at the temple in 2020 due to the pandemic, we were able to virtually present some classic presentations, especially on all 9 days of Navaratri.  These virtual presentations were well appreciated by the members of our community.

We have a lot of exciting initiatives planned for 2021 that will promote cultural awareness and also provide enriching experiences to the art lovers in our community.  Our 3-day Shivaratri Celebrations was a grand success and we hope you all enjoyed the Bharatanatyam dance presentation by Mrs. Sudha Chandrasekhar & group during this festival.  


On Shivaratri day, we also launched our "Why Do We - Shloka Series" whereby the priests of our temple will be reciting various Shlokas and give the meaning and benefits of each shloka.  Both children & adults can take advantage of learning and memorizing these shlokas.


A Special Cultural Initiative by the Bharatiya Temple, Troy

Our Temple Cultural Committee is pleased to announce a wonderful initiative in order to culturally engage the young artists and also adult professionals by inviting them to send in their recordings of bhajans, devotional songs and classical dance presentations.


The guidelines for participation are given below:

  • Anyone can participate but preference will be given to youth & children.

  • Recordings will be played during temple religious and cultural events as well as on social media like temple Facebook, YouTube etc.

  • Each recording should not exceed the maximum limit 4 mins for Bhajans & Devotional Songs and 5 – 7 minutes for dance presentations.  

  • Recordings can be solo or group performances.

  • Bhajans & Devotional Songs with accompaniments are preferred but not mandatory.

  • Temple cannot guarantee that every recording will be played during a particular festival or event and also cannot provide the exact date & time of each performance.


Please ensure the following during video recording:

  • A plain or rich Indian traditional background

  • Record in landscape mode

  • Focus light on participants' faces for better clarity.


Upload your recordings to Temple Google Drive at following link and confirm by sending an email to

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