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In February 2006, the Bharatiya Temple of Troy formed a new committee "Outreach Committee" under the Executive Committee of the Temple, the Mission, Values and Goals are as follows:



The Outreach Committee will take lead to represent the Bharatiya Temple in the Inter-faith and the Intra-faith activities in the Metro Detroit area. The committee will accomplish this by working with many different wisdom traditions, groups, specific audiences or the general public. 


  • Foster tolerance and respect for all faiths and understand the diversity of opinions existing among the different faiths and within each of the faiths. 

  • Regard all wisdom traditions with openness and recognize fellow human beings with respect and fairness.

  • Believe in serving the Outreach committee with utmost integrity, honesty and sincerity.

  • Believe in the ancient saying from Rig Veda “Truth is One, the wise call it by various names” which is paralleled in the great Seal of the United States through “E Pluribus Unum” or “From Many, One,” also rendered as Unity in Diversity


  • Raise awareness of the Hindu thought by fostering dialogue and exchanges among Hindus and non-Hindus

  • Develop links with Hindu and the other Indian faith communities/institutions in Metro area in working together to a common goal of promoting Hindu values

  • Seek representation and participation within the Interfaith groups, e.g., NCCJ’s Interfaith Partners, Troy Interfaith Group, Rochester Hills Interfaith Group and West Bloomfield Hills Interfaith/Ministerial Association and other such Interfaith groups in the metro area

  • Actively participate in Interfaith activities such as - National Day of Prayer, Interfaith Seminars, International Day of Peace, World Sabaath, Thanksgiving Celebration and Oakland Co. Employment Diversity Conference-Religion in the Workplace.

  • Serve as a public relations voice for the Bharatiya Temple by providing information on Hindu tradition to all interested groups, e.g., students from academic institutions, attendees at interfaith seminars

  • Develop information material on Sanatana (Hindu) Dharma for distribution to those who wish to learn more about the Hindu Dharma.

  • Lead an effort to create a Metro-area / Michigan Council of “Institutions for Hindu and Indian faith traditions.

  • Encourage participation of the general membership of the Bharatiya Temple by raising their awareness about the Interfaith activities and the mission & goals of the Outreach Committee.


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