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The Bharatiya Temple of Troy, Gift Gallery was established during the year 1998-1999 as a volunteer community service. It was envisioned by a devotee named Swaran Batra.


To familiarize mainly children, youth, and adults of Indian and foreign origin to the rich Ancient Vedic Heritage and Culture of India.


This Temple Gift Gallery makes accessible a variety of spiritual items such as:-

  • Spiritual Books for different levels

  • Children Books

  • Beautiful Murthys of different Deities in  different sizes  and materials

  • Puja materials , Jap Mala

  • Bhajan CDs

  • Deity  Paintings

The contents of the Gift Gallery are very inviting with reasonable prices.

Many clients from different countries have shopped here with much appreciation.

This Gift Gallery was  based on  spiritual principles, and will continue to do so with our highly trained volunteer staff.

  • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. 

  • Customer is liable to check all the items purchased before leaving the premises

  • Bharatiya  Temple  Gift Gallery  has the right to change description and price of items as per availability. 

  • Home  delivery and mail in options are not available

  • All orders are required to be picked  up at Bharatiya Temple  during operational  hours.

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