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Bhagvad Gita

Bhagvad Gita at Bharatiya Temple

Bhagvad Gita was taught 5000 years ago in the battle field of Kuruksetra by Lord Krishna to Pandava Prince Arjuna on the 1st day of the great war of Mahabharata. It is the quintessence of the Vedas, especially the Upanishads which form the base for the Vedanta philosophy, one of the six systems of philosophy in India, and the profoundest of them. The most abstruse and difficult subject from the Upanishads has been taught to the world by Lord Krishna through Arjuna, and subsequently made easy by the world teachers like Adi Sankara & others through their commentaries.


The message of Bhagvad Gita is not limited for a particular sect, religion, caste, language or nation. It is absolutely universal for the entire humanity and transcends all the limitations and boundaries. In modern times (19th century), Swami Vivekananda termed Bhagvad Gita a treatise of “Practical Vedanta”.


Bharatiya Temple has been conducting Bhavad Gita classes for over a decade on the week ends (either Saturday or Sunday, depending on the availability of the teachers. To join the classes, kindly send email mentioned on the flier. To learn more about the “Univarsal message of Bhagvad Gita - Practrical Vedanta” Click this link.

Online Bhagvad Gita Class Schedule
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