Shri Janaki Ram Sastry Vithala

SHRI JANAKI RAM SASTRY VITHALA is the Head Priest - Purohit-Acharya of The Bharatiya Temple since 1986. He holds Bhasha Praveena Degree in Sanskrit, Telugu, and P.O.L. He studied vedas, Agamas and Sastras in the traditional Gurukula style. He performed various Yajnas, Havans, Weddings, Upanayanas, etc. all over the United States & Canada. He initiated into Srividya (worship of devine mother Sakti, Durga, etc.) by the Adi Shankaracharya order. He has done Immense Service to the indian Community in the greater Detroit Area. He participated and rendered Hindu philosophy as a panel member of the seminar "Motivational Consequences of Devine Relevation" at the World Parliment of Religions in Chicago on September 2, 1993. He is a Good Will ambassador to Bharatiya Temple. He is a friend, philosopher, guide and consular to many of our community. He performed the installation ceremonies for the murties in November 1983 at our temple. He performed Murtistha Panas in so many temples in U.S., Canada and Europe since 1983. Sastriji resides in Bloomfield Hills, with his wife Ramamanisri and his two daughters Swapanti and Saradalahari. 

Phone: (248) 770-9565


Shri Satagopan Chariyar

Shri Satagopan Chariyar


Shri Satagopan Chariyar hails from a family of Priests from Thirugoshtiyur in Tamil Nadu, India and has studied Paancharatra Aaghamam, Divya Prabhandam and Yajur Veda from Srirangam Padasalai in Srirangam. He has served as Priest in Sri Seetharam Baag Temple, Hyderabad, Birla Temple, Hyderabad, Sri Ganesh Temple, New York and Sri Balaji Vedic Center, West Bloomfield, MI.  He joined The Bharatiya Temple in 2015. His specialty includes artistic decoration of Lord Venkateswara and other Murtis with flowers.

Endowed with an ever-smiling face and a wonderful voice, he also conducts Thirumanjanam for Moola Vigraha & other Pujas and Havans in the Temple.  Sri Satagopan Ji speaks Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and English fluently.


Phone: (248)635-1199



Pundit Shri Kaushik Kumar Indravadan Joshi

PUNDIT SHRI KAUSHIK KUMAR INDRAVADAN JOSHI has 15 years of experience in Karmakand Antargaad Vaidik Puranik Anushthaan pujas and yagnas. He performed numerous havans, yagnas, pujas, vastu, marriages and all other Hindu ceremonies mostly in the Indian state of Gujarat. He has also worked as Vedic Pundit in Jabalpur, Hrishikesh, Allahabad, Delhi and Mumbai. Joshiji has served as a Vedic Pundit (Scholar/Teacher) for a period of seven years teaching Sanskrit and Vedas at the reputed Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Vaidik Vishva Vidyalaya in India. He then served as a Vedic Teacher at the Ambika Niketan temple, a Hindu temple in Surat, India from 1999 to 2006 and thereafter, from 2006 he served as a priest at the same Ambika Niketan temple. Joshiji has several years of formal education in the Hindu scriptures of Vedas and Upanishads and in Sanskrit literature at Maharshi Mahesh Yogi Academy. He is from Antisar village in Kheda district, Gujarat. He speaks Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, English and Marathi. 

Phone: (248) 878-0450