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Kitchen - Annapurna
  • Every Saturday please come and get blessings from Lord Venkateswara and enjoy Idly-sambar and Puri bhaji at temple kitchen.


  • Good thing about food at the temple is we know what is in the food. 
    Idly: Idly batter is prepared by Annapurnas ( volunteers from temple). we have refined the process over these few weeks and they are coming out as soft as Annapurnas heart.


  • Sambar: sambar at temple is special and unique. it is made based on Coimbatore Annapurna restaurant palaniswamy's recipe. We make sambar powder fresh every week. icing on the cake is an lyer makes the sambar that lyer is none other than our president srini subramanium.


  • Puri: our team in the kitchen prepares fresh dough of wheat every week and fries in fresh oil. puris are very fresh and tasty.


  • Alu bhaji: Alu bhaji at temple reminds us of our home town favorite restaurant or mom made puri bhaji.

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