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A Homam is a ritual where the offering is made into a sacred fire. The actual meaning of Homam is offering or sacrifice in Sanskrit, in southern India it is Homam and in northern India it is called Havan, but the meaning of the procedure is the same everywhere. The root word of Homam is ‘ha’ which means offering or sacrifice. Homam is an old-age custom in which the Lord of Fire is invoked in order to seek his blessings. Here the offering the into the fire to appease the god, by throwing all the puja material ingredients like grains, oil, seeds, curd, honey, water, milk, herbs, ghee, basically it helps people live comfortably without perform a Homam we need pandits.

All Daily Pujas/Homam/Abhishekams /1MO/3MO/6MO/12MO

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