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The Navagrahas are the nine major planets. They are considered to play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. The Navagraha derived from the Sanskrit words and Nava means nine, Graha means planet. The Navagraha Gods are Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangal(Mars), Budha(Mercury), Guru(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shani(Saturn), Rahu and Ketu. The Lords of these planets are named after the planets themselves and they are worshipped (Navagrah Puja) in almost every aspect of Hinduism from a simple puja to an elaborate yagna or wedding. Worship of these deities brings forth blessings in the form of protection and success in various undertakings.


This pooja performed on Sunday at 6PM 

Sunday - Navagraha Abhishekam, Navagraha Puja

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